BPPT Acceleration of Electric Vehicle Development

BPPT Acceleration of Electric Vehicle Development

09 October 2020 Administrator

The need for a clean environment and changing weather has become a global concern. From environmental, economic, and independent aspects, electric vehicles are very beneficial for Indonesia who cares about the environment. Therefore, the government continues to accelerate and develop Battery-Based Electric Vehicles. Disruptive technology, including electric vehicles, is part of reducing greenhouse emissions even though there are many challenges. Departing from this, BPPT held a webinar series with the theme of the Strategy for the Acceleration of the Development of the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle Industry (KLBB) (06/10).

Head of BPP Hammam Riza said, with the birth of the industrial era 4.0, it is related to the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data. This electric vehicle industry will become disruptive, perhaps equivalent to the internet, which takes years to master. According to Hammam, electric vehicles accelerate faster. Therefore, the President issued Presidential Regulation No. 55 of 2019 concerning the battery-based electric motor vehicle program's acceleration for road transportation. "This means that the acceleration must carry out because it is much faster than the technologies that were already present," he said.

With the Presidential Regulation, Hammam continued, it is essential because it focuses on the development of domestic industries such as providing incentives, providing infrastructure, charging electricity, and other related matters.

Besides, BPPT's efforts and contributions in national development are as stated in the Law on SISNAS Science and Technology No. 11 of 2019 by making R & D results as a scientific basis in the formulation and determination of government policies in national development. Of course, BPPT encourages its seven roles so that it can be implemented in promoting KLBB. According to Hammam, technology transfer will have a very significant role in reducing dependency and encouraging the national automotive industry to be able to create their cars.

To all the stakeholders of Hammam, invite them to develop electric motorized vehicles based on batteries. It is an effort to substitute imports. Through the spirit of accelerating domestic products' use, it is harmony in creating collaborations that will be the key to success in building KLBB, he concluded. (Public Relations of BPPT)

Source: BPPT website