BPPT Innovator Award (BIA)

BPPT Innovator Award (BIA)

19 November 2020 Administrator

BPPT through the Bureau of Human Resources and Organizations will hold a selection and assessment process for the 2020 BPPT Innovator Awards (BIA). This award aims to encourage and motivate parties related to innovation and technology application to enhance their work further and become an example for every technology person and a driving force for technological innovation that has an impact on economic growth in Indonesia (18/11).

Head of BPPT Hammam Riza said that “the determination of prospective recipients. The BPPT Innovation Award was carried out through strict selection by an independent, credible and competent assessment team from the government (Minister / Head of LPNK / JPT Madya, university leaders, industrial partners, national figures, and journalists). This year's BPPT Innovator Award 2020 carries the theme of the Awakening of National Children's Technology Innovation in Efforts to Restore the National Economic Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The BPPT Innovation Award, continued Hammam, is aimed at all innovators from various multi-stakeholder, multi-helix communities who have ideas and thoughts and can produce innovative products by the nation's children. Besides, it is a hope that there will be an innovation ecosystem in Indonesia, which will lead to economic growth in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.” he said.

Hammam hopes the presentation goes well. For the entire panel of academics, communities, businesses, industries, and the media that together with governments are carrying out development research, studies, and applications to bring about innovation because the BPPT is actually responsible for the success of the implementation of technology, he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the BPPT HRO Bureau, Francisca Maria Erny Septiarsi, said the assessment process had been going on for approximately one month. The search for innovators started from the BPPT webinar event, and registrations are online. Erny said that “BPPT received approximately 180 participants through the initial selection stage to sort the documents' completeness, which then got 109 participants who matched the qualifications continued, namely the assessment stages to criteria that would be assessed directly by the selection team.”

For information, the BPPT Innovator Awards are will held on December 10, 2020, and will be broadcast live by TVRI. This award is given by two categories: the internal and external categories of BPPT, which consisted of the team/group (internal) types and the individual and group/company (exterior) category.

(Public Relations of BPPT).