16 December 2020 Administrator


The strategic role of PUSYANTEK in tech services, over technology and commercialization of technology

In the birthday 42nd sequence of Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT). Technology Service Centre (Pusyantek) organize the event of Business Gathering 2020, a communication media and appreciate the partners of the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) for collaboration and synergy in the technology services, the technologist, and BPPT's commercialization of technological innovation. Business Gathering 2020 is the innovation to support and nation’s competitiveness in health care, environment and communication information technology.

The head of BPPT, Hammam Riza, in his speech, said that Technological mastery, innovation, and services become critical words for BPPT to drive the acceleration of national development, increased competitiveness, and national independence. Following the PGN's PGN law, the world's vice President of BHP bilateral and multilateral creditors said that the company's President Director, Kostaman Thayib, said here on Tuesday. The whole role has been a benchmark on national research and innovation priority policies and programs (PRIN). The rise in technological mastery and maturing has become critical for BPGN to promote IPTEK based development to support the nation's independence and competitiveness.

As for increased occultation, let's go back to the philosophy of industrial transformation presented by Mr. Habibie's "beginning at the end and ending at the beginning." Progress can be achieved from the end as it moves toward the start, with leaps of progress, acceleration, and eventually catch up with the rest of the developed world. As the central unit with the role of technology services, intermediation, technology transfer, and technology commercialization, Pusyantek BPPT has the mandate to increase the utilization and utilization of BPPT's innovation results. The Head of Pusyantek, Yenni Bakhtiar, has issued Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 153 of 2020 concerning Super Tax Deduction, which is expected to accelerate the role of industry in the research and innovation ecosystem. If all this time, the industry has been more syringe to wait for the results of innovation in the final stages to be mass-produced, then with the Super Tax Cut, the industry can develop from the early, early, and early stages. A good innovation ecosystem, R & D institutions, and support for the growth of a competitive industry have a positive impact on society and the economy.

According to Yenni, in the last five years, the performance of Pusyantek's technology services and commercialization of technology has increased significantly. In 2015, there were 134 technology services provided to partners in cooperation activities. In 2016 there were 161 services, in 2017 there were 170 services, in 2018 there were 171 services, and in 2019 it increased significantly to 300 services.

To provide excellent services, Pusyantek is also constantly repacking and constantly transforming toward digital services. Pusyantek built an online tech transformer application called the new transformer. The new transformer app presents as an intermediator between the industrial partner and the tech provider expected to be the solution to technology needs.

As a result of appreciation and appreciation for domestic and external partnerships, synergistic cooperation and loyalty are used for Pusyantek services to manage the management services for technology services, the commercialization of innovative products, and the testing services category.