27 October 2020 Administrator

The whole world was entering the 4.0 industrial revolution. Add with a variety of cyber-physical system technologies. The technology requires mastery of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data. Indonesia is currently preparing to build Indonesia 4.0 with ten national strategies.

“To make Indonesia the Top 5 Country in the world by the time of its 100th year of independence in 2045, Indonesia needs mastery of technology through an innovation ecosystem,” said Head of BPPT Hammam Riza in the Global AI Innovation webinar, Friday (16/10).

Making Indonesia 4.0 will be achieved through an innovation ecosystem, with all stakeholders developing artificial intelligence (ka) in Indonesia. The ka national strategy has mapped the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may arise in its implementation.

There are five areas of priority in using KA, one of which prepares human resources talents since KA is the can learning intelligence. Everyone can maximize KA to make our work faster and more efficient. Ka is used for national development productivity, for it requires investment to prepare the digital talent resources.

Global challenge Alibaba is a catalyst to promote talents that can exploit ka technology and generate that innovation, as the TFRC-19 team proved in handling covid-19 through the innovation ecosystem.