Innovation and Digital Transformation

Innovation and Digital Transformation

23 October 2020 Administrator

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the industrial and economic paradigm in Indonesia. Now a digital paradigm is present and has entered all lines. This new paradigm will become a pillar and provide strengthening for Indonesia to carry out recovery in various fields, said the Head of BPPT Hammam Riza at the online 2020 Technopex National Seminar organized by the Indonesian Institute of Technology (ITI) Centre for Research and Community Service (PRPM) (21 / 10).

Furthermore, he said, this pandemic also impacted the economic sector. It created a new order for consumers. The financial industry has turned digital such as fintech, digital transformation, e-commerce, and e-banking. Where initially e-Banking was just a feature, it has now become a necessity.

Besides, according to him, this change also encourages the acceleration of the industrial revolution 4.0, which has been carried out to carry out activities during the pandemic. Like building a digital infrastructure, digital human resources are talented. The innovation ecosystem is essential in making Indonesia 4.0 happen, he said.

“Therefore, we are encouraged to carry out digital transformation with innovation as an advocate for national development. Through Pentahelix, BPPT invites all stakeholders to form an innovation ecosystem, work together to achieve downstream industrial technology to encourage economic growth,” he explained.

Previously, the Chancellor of the Indonesian Institute of Technology, Marzan A Iskandar, said that this pandemic had affected life not only in Indonesia but throughout the world. The new order is likely to adapt to the habits that have taken place during the pandemic with various adjustments.

The use of ICT is more massive than ever in various fields of life. In line with that, continued Marzan, the need for human resources who can use, implement, and produce innovations in ICT will increase rapidly. In education, an economy that has adopted a cyber-physical system is one of the characteristics of industry 4.0.

"During the pandemic, there were many innovations in the nation which turned out to be fast which could not finish under normal conditions," he said.

For example, innovations from R&D institutions, universities, industry, associations, and several start-ups led by BPPT. In just a few months, this consortium succeeded in making several innovative products to reduce a pandemic risk. Congratulations to BPPT for its success. Hopefully, it will soon follow the next innovation in the study and application of technology in the new order era, he concluded.

For information, this seminar aims to exchange information from the results of research and community service as well as technological developments that are applied or needed in society. This seminar is also one of the activities carried out in the ITI Anniversary series.